MINDWORKS is the first of its kind in the Philippines to offer state-of-the-art NEUROFEEDBACK TECHNOLOGY to analyse individual brain waves and create  customised BRAIN TRAINING PROGRAMS based on peak performance goals.

Whether you want more clarity, less stress, better sleep or would like to master a sport, language or art form, MINDWORKS has the brain training solution for you.


1.) Set an appointment for a BRAIN MAP and CONSULTATION. During the brain mapping session, electrodes will be set up in different parts of your head to pick up the subtle brain waves emitted by your brain. Our Neurofeedback Machine will detect areas of your brain that is over-stimulated and under-stimulated.

2.) The BRAIN MAP is analysed together with your medical history and personal history.

3.) A BRAIN TRAINING PROGRAM  based on your Peak Performance goals such as increasing clarity, improving memory, getting deeper sleep, less anxiety attacks, better inter-personal skills is created especially for you by our team of Doctors in Manila.

3.) You pick a package that suits your needs and come to our Brain Training Studio for your regular Brain Exercise Sessions. Just like going the gym, the more you attend the sessions, the fitter and faster your brain becomes in a shorter period of time.

MINDWORKS is a subsidiary of PHILIPPINE NEUROFEEDBACK CENTER, a doctor-owned and operated BRAIN TRAINING Facility based in Makati, Metro Manila.